Thank you for your purchase of CancerBlows: The Legends Return and your support of The Ryan Anthony Foundation. The first CancerBlows concerts in 2015 were meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime event bringing together legendary trumpet players in master classes, a panel discussion, two special concerts and an after-party. Trumpeters including Doc Severinsen from The Tonight Show, Lee Loughnane from Chicago, Arturo Sandoval, former trumpet players from Canadian Brass and more gathered in Dallas March 2-4, 2015 to help Ryan Anthony, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s principal trumpet and former Canadian Brass member, raise money for cancer research and support him as he faced his own battle with multiple myeloma. The main concert and after-party sold out and raised over $1 million in cash and in-kind donations.


The 2015 events were such a success, CancerBlows concerts and events returned to Dallas in May 2017 featuring returning headliners Doc Severinsen, Arturo Sandoval, Lee Loughnane and adding Dave Matthews Band trumpeter, Rashawn Ross.

In November 2012, Ryan Anthony had just completed a guest appearance with his former group, Canadian Brass, and wasn’t feeling well. Recent chronic aches and pains had sent the then 43-yr old to multiple doctors searching for the cause. The day after the Canadian Brass concert, Ryan & his wife, Niki, got the call no one is prepared for – especially with two young children in elementary school. Ryan had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a terminal cancer of the bone marrow that most often occurs in patients 65 and older.

Just fifteen years ago, multiple myeloma was a death sentence with a life span of 3-5 years. While the cancer is still considered incurable and terminal, rapid advances in research have greatly extended the life span of newly-diagnosed patients and hope for a cure is a real possibility. In 2015 alone, three new drugs were approved by the FDA increasing patient options by 20%. Even more exciting treatments are on the threshold of becoming available.

When he was diagnosed, Ryan’s goal was to survive long enough to see his children, then just 6 and 11-years-old, graduate from high school. But, because he has responded well to his treatment, Ryan & Niki both dare to hope for more.

During his transplant, Ryan was overwhelmed with phone calls from trumpet players all over the world. Everyone asked what they could do to help and Ryan jokingly started saying “we’ll all play a concert when I am healthy again and we’ll call it cancer blows”. As the weeks went by, the joke solidified into a real event with an impressive guest list. Soon Ryan & Niki realized the event could be more than just something for fun but could be used to raise awareness and money to further the research that has helped give their family hope for a future.

The CancerBlows: The Legends Return recordings capture the energy and emotion of the CancerBlows concerts. What you will hear and see is truly a moment in musical history with many of the greatest trumpet artists of our time sharing the stage. The players featured are not only virtuosic musicians but also truly wonderful people who want to make a statement against cancer and use their talents to help find a cure.

The amazing line-up of artists comprises multiple generations, styles, experiences and backgrounds; but the common thread is music at the heart of it all. Beyond the performers on the stage are the artists behind the scenes including award-winning composers, arrangers, producers and engineers. Selections on the recordings include world premiere compositions and arrangements written specifically for this concert and cause. The ultimate product is truly a collection of today’s top professionals in the music industry. Even more remarkable is that most of the musicians, composers and arrangers have donated their time and talents.

The CancerBlows recordings are a combination of two concerts featuring 30 trumpet legends including cons like Arturo Sandoval and Doc Severinsen alongside pop/rock stars Lee Loughnane (from the band Chicago) and Rashawn Ross (from Dave Matthews Band) and jazz greats Randy Brecker, Marvin Stamm, Allen Vizzutti and Wycliffe Gordon. Also featured are principal orchestra greats Michael Sachs, Chris Martin, Tom Rolfs and crossover players Ronnie Romm, Jens Lindemann, Joe Burgstaller and Ryan Anthony from Canadian Brass – just to name a few!

These soloists were supported by members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra; the Imperial Brass; the CancerBlows Big Band which included University of North Texas faculty and alumni; and the trombone group, Maniacal 4.

It’s easy to hear the musical artistry of these performers but we hope you will also hear the passion behind it all. Many of them have been affected by cancer personally whether they have had a friend or family member diagnosed or have been a patient themselves.

The DVD opens with the first full piece of The Legends Return concert “Pines of the Appian Way”, the last movement from Respighi’s “Pines of Rome” conducted by Matthew Savery and featuring members of the incredible Dallas Symphony Orchestra and plenty of extra trumpets toward the end. Cancer statistics set the tone and reinforce the purpose of the concert. Next is Allen Vizzutti’s beautiful new composition “Luminescence” written for CancerBlows: The Legends Return under the direction of Jeff Tyzik followed by Anthony DiLorenzo’s newest orchestral work “Capriccio” dedicated to Doc Severinsen and conducted by the composer himself. Ryan Anthony’s solo on Chris Walden’s arrangement of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” will leave an emotional impression, and the arrangement “Chicago Medley” by Drew Zaremba featuring trumpet and vocals by Chicago’s Lee Loughnane will bring back memories from the past.

Brass greats Arturo Sandoval, Ronnie Romm and Jens Lindemann are featured on the festive trio “Brave Matador”. Others sharing the stage on this half include José Sibaja, Rex Richardson and more.

The DVD continues with features from the second half of The Legends Return concert, this time backed by the CancerBlows Big Band under the direction of Stockton Helbing. Arturo Sandoval and Wayne Bergeron set the tone with “Maynard & Waynard” written originally for Wayne and Maynard Ferguson, but this time Arturo takes on Maynard’s part. Then Arturo slows things down with his own composition “Zane”, a moving tribute dedicated to the memory of jazz saxophonist, Zane Musa. Wycliffe Gordon provides a break from the all-trumpet line-up and as always wows the audience with his trombone and vocals performing his own composition “We’re Still Here/He’s Alright”. Wycliffe is joined by Rashawn Ross of Dave Matthews Band on “Move Your Rug” by Jeff Coffin. Randy Brecker and Marvin Stamm deliver smooth sounds together on “Lover Man” before Ryan appears high atop the organ loft for what has become a CancerBlows anthem, “Gabriel’s Oboe” with long-time musical partner Gary Beard on organ. Wayne Bergeron and Vince DiMartino finish out on a high note, or rather a whole lot of them, with “MacArthur Park.” The grand finale brings all soloists together under the greatest bandleader of all time, Doc Severinsen, with Tommy Newsom’s arrangement of Count Basie’s “One O’Clock Jump.”

In addition to The Legends Return concert, CancerBlows events hosted The Principals Open Recording Session/Concert on Monday, May 8th. The evening highlighted principal trumpet players from major orchestras who, due to orchestral rehearsal schedules, cannot participate in the larger concert later in the week. The concert provides the unique opportunity not only to see principal trumpets from several major orchestras performing together but is also a glimpse into a recording session in a major symphony hall. Because of the casual nature of the concert, audience members get the chance to see the players interact with each other and the producers. The concert has become a favorite of high school and college students and this year, CancerBlows was able to underwrite tickets and transportation for over 400 local students due to generous contributions by sponsors.

On the CD and in the “Special Features” on the DVD, you’ll hear principals like Michael Sachs, Tom Rolfs, Ryan Anthony, Chris Martin and David Krauss play traditional settings by Strauss as well as the world-premiere of JD Shaw’s exciting new arrangement of “Danza from Estancia” by Ginastera. The emotional work, “Dectet”, originally written for Canadian Brass by Michael Kamen was newly transcribed for this ensemble. Raymond Burkhardt and Stanley Friedman add to the repertoire with new works showcasing the majesty and depth of the trumpet instrument.

It bears repeating. The music and performances on these recordings go beyond great playing. They represent the power of music and friendship. The trumpet world is a surprisingly small place. Most of these players have known each other for many years – some were college classmates, roommates, bandmates. The ties run deep and help create the magic of the music and the moment that you hear. We feel comfortable speaking for everyone involved that it is the hope of all of us that our work together can help blow away the disease we know as cancer. Please enjoy CancerBlows: The Legends Return and continue helping us make a difference.

The success of The Ryan Anthony Foundation is due solely to supporters like yourself and its continuation is by the request of the patients, caregivers and musicians. For more information, to donate or to purchase additional recordings and merchandise, please visit: cancerblows.com.



Richard Strauss
The Principals/Imperial Brass
(Hickman Music Editions; License generously donated)

Anthony DiLorenzo, Allen Vizzutti, Lee Loughnane, Ronald Romm,
Vince DiMartino & Rashawn Ross – trumpets
(Music and license generously donated by Art Of Sound Music, LLC)

Gordon Goodwin
Arturo Sandoval, Wayne Bergeron – Trumpets
(Wingood Music Productions, Inc.; License generously donated)

Wycliffe Gordon
Wycliffe Gordon – Trombone
(Coup de Cone Music, Inc.; License generously donated)

ZANE [7:14] +
Arturo Sandoval
Arturo Sandoval – Trumpet
(Sandoval Enterprises of America, Inc; License generously donated)

MOVE YOUR RUG [6:13] +
Jeff Coffin; arr. R. Middagh
Rashawn Ross – trumpet
Wycliffe Gordon – trombone
(Otani Music obo BMG/Chrysalis; License generously donated)

Celso Guscan, arr. Rafael Mendez
Arturo Sandoval, Ronald Romm & Jens Lindemann – Trumpets
(Hickman Music Editions; License generously donated)

BOO! [9:07] +
Tim Hagans
Randy Brecker & Marvin Stamm – Trumpets
(Dancing Duncan Music)

COME SUNDAY [4.27] +
Duke Ellington, arr. Ernie Wilkins
Marvin Stamm & Mark Gould – Trumpets
(G. Schirmer, Inc.)

DECTET [3:59] ∞
Michael Kamen
The Principals/Imperial Brass
(Canadian Brass Publications/Hal Leonard; License generously donated)

Richard Rodgers; arr. Chris Walden
Ryan Anthony – Flugelhorn/Trumpet
(Williamson Music)

CHICAGO MEDLEY for CancerBlows [7:45] *^WP
James Pankow, Robert Lamm, Peter Cetera, David Foster, arr. Drew Zaremba
Lee Loughnane – Trumpet and vocals
Ryan Anthony – Trumpet
Rashawn Ross – Bass Trumpet
Marvin Stamm: trumpet
(BMG/Spirit Music Group/Universal Music Group/Peer Music)

DANZA from ESTANCIA [3:58] ∞WP
Alberto Ginastera; arr. JD SHAW
The Principals/Imperial Brass
(Boosey & Hawkes)

Raymond David Burkhardt
THE Principals
(Premiere Press; License generously donated)

William Basie, arr. Tommy Newsom
Doc Severinsen and guest artists
Soloists – Rex Richardson, Jose Sibaja,
Joe Burgstaller, Allen Vizzutti, Wycliffe Gordon
(EMI Feist Catalog Inc.)



Pines of Rome: Pines of the Appian Way#*
The Brave Matador
You’ll Never Walk Alone
Chicago Medley For CANCERBLOWS
Maynard & Waynard
We’re Still Here/He’s Alright
Move Your Rug
Lover Man+
Gabriel’s Oboe
MacArthur Park+
ONE O’Clock Jump

* Members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra
^ Conducted by Jeff Tyzik
˜ Conducted by Anthony DiLorenzo
# Conducted by Matthew Savery
∞ Conducted by Mark Gould
+ CancerBlows Big Band, directed by Stockton Helbing
WP World premiere – composed/arranged for CancerBlows: The Legends Return

special features including
THE Hydra, Vanquished WP
Danza from Estancia
Vienna Philharmonic Fanfare
Yosemite Fanfare





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